Experience an Eclipse that will Dance with the Moon

Now that we’ve officially crossed the dateline of June 21st, the excitement is building as the time nears for the total solar eclipse expected this summer.  Americans are eagerly awaiting August 21 when the sun will appear to disappear behind the moon.  If you’ve never experienced an eclipse, you’ll want to be prepared for the eerie feeling you may feel as daylight fades and twilight envelopes the skies from Oregon to South Carolina.   The eclipse will be visible to those along a 70 mile-wide swath of earth.  If you’re in the path you’ll feel a drop in temperature momentarily as the light fades away.

There’s lots of talk about how to best prepare for viewing the coming eclipse.  One thing is certain, you should never look directly at the sun without the proper eye protection and a partial eclipse is no exception.  Those unsure about the level of protection they need should check out Coastal.   They make eyewear that helps protect your eyes during the long months of summer and all year long, and should be your first stop for eye wear geared toward protecting your precious eyesight.  Coastal offers deals through Groupon that will save you money off your purchase so search Groupon first, then head over to the Coastal site where you’ll find stylish frames, contact lenses, and other accessories.  You can save 30% off frames and lenses and 50% off contacts at check out when you use a Groupon to snag the deal.  Coastal may be known best for their iconic Derek Cardigan style frames with the signature symbol that were a runaway best seller when they first appeared on the market. They still sell really cool eyewear for the entire family.

Some say the best place to view the Great American Total Solar Eclipse will be within a U.S. National Park in the area.  You can search your locale to see if you’re in the zone.  Huge crowds are expected to gather and experience this rare event. Not only will the day appear to turn to night, vast streaks of light will flash through the sky and dance around the silhouette of the moon in a show of star power you won’t want to miss. Whether you experience the great eclipse or not, buy a pair of sunglasses from Coastal because any way you look at it, your future’s so bright you’re gonna need shades.